Wholesale Foam Wound Dressing

Our foam wound dressings are sterile hypoallergernic absorbents that have a self-adhesive layer with foam for an outer cover. Upon contact with the wound, it forms a cohesive gel, creating a moist healing environment.

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Product Details
Product Features

1.       Creates a moist healing environment, hastening the healing process

2.       Easily removed and applied- especially for monitoring of wounds.

3.       Acts as a barrier for external contaminants and bacteria.

4.       Waterproof, so less changes are required.

Product Detail

Stickiness: Upto 7 days

Lining: Borderless/ bordered

Sizes: 5*5cm, 5*10cm, 10*10cm, 10*15cm, etc.

Material: Hydrocolloid foam

Recommended Application

§       Pressure ulcers.

§       Donor sites

§       Post-op protection of surgical sites

§       Minor burns

§       Lacerations and minor abrasions

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