Acne Spot Remover

Acne Spot Remover

Our acne-spot remover acts using hydrocolloid to give you the best care for your skin.They will help the skin heal in the most subtle way possible.

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They are colorless so they don't stand out on the skin.

They are available in 0.8mm and 1.22mm sizes so you can choose which best does the job.

The hydrcolloid absorbs the exudate and repairs the skin so you're left with no dark spots.


  • No dark spots after healing.
  • The patch keeps UV rays from acting on the pimple.
  • The patch keeps you from scratching the pimple, keeping it from infection.
  • The patch is waterproof so you can wash your face without changing the patch.
  • Effective and affordable form of skincare.

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