Factory Price Two-piece Ostomy Bag

If you are cautious about the condition of your skin after your stoma operation and are lost for which stoma bag suits you, then the two-piece will suit you just fine. You needn't worry about the effect changing your ostomy bag has on your skin since the baseplate remains stuck to your stoma as you change the baseplate.

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Product Details


Strong stickiness of the baseplate that lasts from 4-7 days.

Choices for the bag type are not restricted to one baseplate.

The baseplate is made of hydrocolloid which has healing properties and keeps the skin around the stoma healthy.

Product Details

Product Item: 250, 257, 260,265, 270

Stickiness: 4-7 days, no leakage.

Max Cut size: 45mm-65mm

Baseplate Material: Hydrocolloid polymers

Bag options: Clip type, Integrated, velcro and closed.

Bag Capacity: 300ml-535ml

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