Wholesale Urostomy Bag

Wholesale Urostomy Bag

We understand that not all stomas are different. This is why within our range of stoma care products we also cater to patients who have undergone urostomy surgery with our urostomy bag.

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Product Details


Large capacity to allow you to go for long without changing constantly.

Neat design that caresses the skin and not irritates it.

Smart drain valve design for easy disposal of contents.

The baseplate has strong stickiness of up to seven days, allowing you to use the bag for long.

Product Details

Product Item: 1015

Capacity: 700ml

Film thickness: 0.076mm, no leakage, no odor.

Cut: 15-50mm

Lining Material: Non-woven 

Bag material: EVOH

Color: Skin (Transparent is available too)

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