One Piece Magic Tape Ostomy Bag

One Piece Magic Tape Ostomy Bag

The Magic tape ostomy bag has a Velcro tape for secure and stylish closing for the bag. It holds very tightly and does not lose grip through out the period of usage.

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Product Details


The baseplate is designed with hydrocolloid which is friendly to the skin.

The baseplate has a new, and much stickier glue, insuring the bag is attached more securely to the skin.

It is easy to detach the bag from the body.

The bag is available in transparent and opaque colors.

Product Details

Product Item: 1801

Capacity: 635ml

Film thickness: 0.076mm,no leakage, no odor

Cut: 15-60mm

Lining Material: Non-woven 

Bag material: EVOH

Color: Transparent 

Carbon filter: Without

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