One Piece Integrated Type Ostomy Bag

One Piece Integrated Type Ostomy Bag

One-piece integrated type ostomy bag is designed to be opened at the bottom when emptying. The bag suitable for colostomies or ileostomies.

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Product Details


Soft hydrocolloid baseplate, more friendly to skin 

Starting hole and pre-sized are available, more convienient 

Skin and transparent colors, different colors for the privacy and doctor’s observation.

Long time stickness,easy to remove out of body

Made of highly resistant CO-EX membrane to prevent peculiar odor and hide safely.


Product details

Product Item: 1602

Capacity: 635ml

Film thickness: 0.076mm,no leakage, no odor

Cut: 15-60mm

Lining Material: Non-woven 

Bag material: EVOH

Color: Transparent 

Carbon filter: With

 ItemColorFilterSizePackageFree Sample
1600TransparentYes15-90mmBox of 20Yes
1601TransparentNo15-60mmBox of 20Yes
1602TransparentYes15-60mmBox of 20Yes
1611SkinNo15-60mmBox of 20Yes
1612SkinYes15-60mmBox of 20Yes

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