Cheap Factory Colostomy Bags

Ostomy bags are used for the collection of exudate through a stoma (an opening created anywhere on the body(the colon, stomach, etc).

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Product Details


Available in skin color for patient privacy and transparent color for medical observation.

Available in different closure styles (integrated, clip type, velcro, closed) to suit customer preference.

Has a long usage period of up to 7 days, it provides value for money.

Can be manufactured with materials of your choice (EVOH, PE or PA).

Product Details

Product Item: 1015

Capacity: 635ml

Film thickness: 0.076mm, no leakage, no odor.

Cut: 15-60mm

Lining Material: Non-woven/ PE

Bag material: EVOH/ PE

Carbon filter: with/without

Color: Skin/ Transparent

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