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Ostomy Bag Common Treatment
- Sep 26, 2018 -

1, stoma bleeding


(1) Mucosal erosion of stoma

(2) Scrub the mouth of the material is too coarse, the force is too rough

(3) Stoma trauma

(4) Intestinal capillary rupture (severe intestinal flora disorder, diarrhea, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.)

Check: Glass Tube, flashlight Treatment: Lighter early bleeding often occurs in the first 72 hours of surgery, a slight stoma mucous membrane, visible less bleeding point, with a damp paper towel gently pressure, can stop bleeding. Severe local hemorrhage can be used hemostatic agent, Yunnan, or local laser electric ignition hemostasis.

If necessary, the operation should stop bleeding.

2. Separation of skin and mucous membranes

Reasons: stoma openings in the intestinal mucosa part of the necrosis, stoma mucosal suture shedding, abdominal pressure is too high, wound infection, malnutrition, diabetes, long-term use of steroid drugs.


1, cleaning and debridement with sterile saline rinse clean, dry, such as necrotic tissue, can use debridement gum.

2, the filling cavity gap is shallow, can use only Kang-er ulcer powder or paste, if the cavity is deeper, can use sea algae filler bar or paste

3, to protect the separation of wounds with the ulcer paste or transparent cover.

4, paste the build pocket, to avoid fecal pollution, to promote wound healing.

3, stoma stenosis Stenosis is stoma stenosis and tight pull, stoma skin small openings, difficult to see mucous membranes or stoma skin openings normal, but refers to the diagnosis of fingers difficult to enter, the surrounding tissue contraction of the bowel.

Finger check: The finger of a hoop. Cause: Poor healing of stoma, poor blood transport, skin suture infection of stoma mucosa, constriction of fascia or skin scar tissue, small skin opening during operation, and small opening of muscle layer in abdominal wall during operation;

Crons disease recurrence, tumor compression of the intestine (stoma around or stoma edge of tumor), the second stage of healing scar tissue contraction. Treatment: Non-serious, can be used to expand the mouth with a finger or a anus, but attention can not be damaged stoma, (from the beginning of the tail finger slowly improved after the use of the index finger, the lubricant lightly into the stoma, stay 2---5 minutes, once a day, need long-term. Urinary stoma, need interstitial catheterization.