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How To Use Ostomy Bag
- Sep 26, 2018 -

The first step: use saline (temperature within 40 degrees) to wipe the skin of the water colloid paste site.

Make the skin clean state, such as skin rash, itching, slight ulcer (no wound) best with clean water, and then disinfection with iodine (alcohol allergy or a wound with caution), in order to avoid the use of alcohol and cause skin tingling. The second step: the use of care powder, the purpose is to make the film paste part of the skin fully dry, at the same time the adhesive paste site for a long time caused by the red rash, itching and other minor allergies, there is a certain protective effect.

First, the treatment powder sprayed to the film paste, skin absorption of care powder two or three minutes later, with a cotton ball or a dry paper towel, cotton swab will not be absorbed after the care powder wipe.

The third step: the use of nursing film, will be open, wipe film paste all parts, about 10 seconds or so, the skin will form a layer of film, and then paste the pouch. Fourth step: The use of anti-leakage paste (optional), such as the patient stoma irregular, non-circular state, ostomy Film Center cut too large, uneven skin, prone to form folds and leakage, in order to prevent the leakage of fecal water and need to use anti-leakage ointment, if encountered the above situation, usually two ways, 1. Open the leak-proof cap Make a circle around its stoma, with a cotton swab to touch evenly, as far as possible to fill the stoma around (not to exceed the height of the stoma, so as not to plug the inner wall of the stoma), and then the film affixed to the film can be affixed to the anti-leakage paste.

2. Open the leak-proof cap, squeeze the paste onto the chassis and paste the pouch (this method is not recommended). Fifth step: Build the pocket paste OK, with your fingers around the Zhoukou 0-word circle, so that the film and stoma around the skin fully adhered to avoid leakage, re-check the stoma film is pasted, by hand by the outward extension gently press, until the skin and film fully bonded.