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Allergy Problems In The Process Of Making Pockets
- Sep 26, 2018 -

1. Mild allergy: Refers to paste the film, paste site feel a little itchy, not appear red, eczema and other phenomena, generally this kind of situation for seasonal allergies or replacement of different brands to create a pocket symptoms, after this situation, in the replacement of stoma, you should carefully observe the stoma skin, wipe the skin with saline and then paste the bag, It is recommended to use care powder.

2. Medium Pass: Refers to the paste made pocket, the paste site itching symptoms increased, and there is red dot or one-sided red rash, but did not appear sores (broken skin phenomenon), need to understand the emergence of the problem, the general situation is divided into, film allergy, leakage of allergy, skin paste before the film, dry so that the discharge of bacteria produced by In this case, you should first clean the skin with saline, and then use alcohol or iodine (alcohol allergy to avoid) disinfection, and then use care powder, to prevent allergic aggravation or timely medical treatment.