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According To Ostomy Bag Design To Divide
- Sep 26, 2018 -

One-piece: Usually disposable, can have a cut opening, easy to use, suitable for flexible hands, the elderly. Two-piece: the bag and the chassis can be separated, do not tear the chassis to care for the stoma, the bag replacement is convenient, to protect the skin around the stoma; the chassis can be cut by the shape of the stoma; there is a floating ring chassis in the upper pocket, do not need to pressure the abdomen to protect the stoma role; but the intestinal mouth prolapse, bowel stoma hernia, try not to build two pieces of bag

When the stoma is concave, the convex chassis is selected. 1. The pocket film is made up of three layers of co-extruded PE high barrier film or Eva, TPE film, film thickness 12 wire.

Soft, comfortable, low friction sound, good odor-isolating effect.

2. With activated carbon filter, can not only easily exhaust to avoid the rise of bags, but also the smell has a good elimination effect. 3. The use of multi-layer hot-pressing process, to prevent the flow of waste reflux soaked active carbon flakes after the deactivation.

Hot and close edge, no leakage, neat edges, beautiful. 4. Various forms, comfortable and convenient to use.